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Which study programs do you have?
Answer: VPTS currently organizes classes for the following studies: Business economics, Technical management , Security management and Computer Science and Informatics. The plan for the next academic year is to introduce new courses such as the study programs of Medical Healthcare, Law, etc. ...

Is the literature included in the price of tuition?
Answer: All required literature for classes, and for examinations is included in the price of tuition. Most of the materials are now available in electronic form and can be accessed through the eVPTS portal.

What is the cost of tuition fees for different study programs?
Answer: Tuition varies depending on the studies or courses, and the amount for Business Economics is 2,200.00 KM, for Technical Management is 2,400.00 KM, for Security Management is 2.800,00 KM, and for Computer Science and Informatics is 2,500.00 KM.

Is it possible to pay tuition in installments?
Answer: The tuition fee can be paid in 12 equal installments.

Is it possible to nostrify a diploma abroad?
Answer: Diploma can be nostrified in all the neighboring countries and EU member states.

When are lectures usually being held??
Answer: Lectures are usually being held after 16: 00h.